PhD student positions are available

We are seeking Ph.D. students to join the Systems Immunology Research Group, within the Synthetic and Systems Biology Unit of the BRC.You will study antitumor immunity and peptide immunogenicity using large datasets and modern data analysis methods. Within our projects, you will be able to identify novel factors determining the efficacy of tumor immunotherapy and to better understand the self-nonselfBővebben: “PhD student positions are available”

Balázs Koncz has defended his PhD thesis

On 31st January, 2022, Balázs Koncz has defended his PhD thesis named “Self-mediated positive selection of T cells sets and obstacle to the recognition of nonself”. He got a score of 25/25 (100%). Congratulations Balázs!

We have moved to the BRC

From 1st January 2022, the Systems Biology Research Group is located in the BRC, Szeged, Hungary. We are very enthusiastic and happy to have a place in such a great institution.

New paper is out in PNAS

Our novel paper is published on 10th September in PNAS. See infographics and abstract in the Publication section.

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